Claude and Leoria Barber, 1933

jackson heights 1933
Jackson Heights, Long Island, Google Maps, 2017

Jackson Heights, a planned community with green space developed beginning in 1916, is the place for families to escape New York City. By the early 1930s when the Barber family moves there, garden apartments are new and inviting with large corner windows to brighten the apartment. The Barbers join thousands of other young families living in the community.

I remember little about my father’s life in NYC, probably because he was too young himself at the time to have stories. Leoria told of the time her dress “went over her head” in Manhattan, possibly memorable because her Victorian parents would have found that unbearable. She let us know with a smile, the ultimate rebellion, I suppose.

Although the family lives on Long Island, their youngest child, Richard is born in Binghamton at the Wilson Memorial hospital. The event is published in The Binghamton Press, December 13, 1933.


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