Wedding, August 5, 1950

Homer Avenue Methodist Church
Homer Avenue Methodist Church, Google Maps 2017

wedding day aug 5 1950 Hillcrest Methodist Church
Miss Lucille K. Newport, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Newport of Port Dickinson, N.Y., marries Burton Barber of Binghamton, N. Y. The wedding takes place on Saturday, 3:45 p.m. at the Homer Avenue Methodist Church in Cortland, N.Y. on August 5, 1950. Rev. Lullus D. Bell from the Geneva, New York First Methodist Church performs the ceremony.




Minister who married Mom and dad
Lullus Bell, 1925

Rev. Bell is a 1925 graduate of Syracuse University, my alma mater. The picture right is from his college yearbook.

Hotel Cortland
Hotel Cortland, the mid-1940s

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Whiting of Geneva, Burton’s mother, Leoria and his step-father, are the attendants.  A bridal dinner held at the Hotel Cortland precedes a wedding trip.

The routes the parties travel are below:

Map Moms Wedding


  1. Was that Leoria Whiting’s pastor from Geneva?
  2. Did Leoria play the organ for the Geneva First Methodist Church?
  3. Did she play it for the wedding?
  4. Who else was there?
  5. Did they choose the location because it was half way or because Carolyn is in college at Cortland?
  6. Did Carolyn Barber attend?
  7. Where did they go on their wedding trip?


Cortland Standard, Cortland, N. Y., Tuesday Evening, August 8, 1950