Claude Barber, 1954 Denver Trip

Binghamton to DenverClaude is at the Denver Convention Of the Men’s Garden Club with one other delegate and two alternates. It ends June 11th.

  • Claude Barber
  • Frank A. West


  • Don C. Hotchkin, Binghamton
  • Ford S. Norton, Chenango Bridge


  1. Do they fly? If so, it probably takes much longer then than today.
  2. Does this trip impact Claude’s health negatively resulting in a heart attack within two weeks?


Justus C Hyde Passport Pic 1917
C. Claude’s Uncle Justus Chauncey Hyde, 1917 Passport Photo

Twenty-four years earlier, Chauncey Claude’s uncle on his mother’s side, Justus Chauncey Hyde, died suddenly of a heart attack at about the same age. Justus was a career teacher in the Brooklyn school system and active in his church, St. Mark’s Methodist Episcopal Church. He passed away less than two weeks after the marriage of his only child, Ruth. Family and friends were shocked by both instances of the early death of such active men.


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