The Barber Family Travels to Syracuse, 1926

228 Delaware Street Leoria visited in 1926

Claude, Leoria, and Betty Jeanne travel to Syracuse to visit the Sidney Carpenter family. Six-month-old Chauncey Claude Barber, Junior stays at home with one of the grandparents, either Lovina Wilbur or Camilla Barber. The Barbers’ destination is 228 Delaware Street where the Carpenter family resides.

Sidney Carpenter was a foreman for The Fairbanks Company while he lived in Binghamton, most likely he worked with Fred, Claude’s father. However, the Carpenter family moves to Syracuse after 1922 where Sidney is now a manager.

Burton Carpenter
Burton C. Carpenter, Claude’s high school friend

Burton, their son, is a former classmate of Claude’s at Binghamton Central High School. Both graduated in 1922. Claude joins IBM(ITR), gets married, buys a house, and starts a family.  Burton attends Syracuse University for electrical engineering while working as a clerk.

His graduation is in 1926, perhaps at the traditional time of year, June. The April visit from Leoria, Claude, and Betty Jeanne likely predates that event, but Burton Carpenter will start a professional job which takes him to Ohio, too far for visits from the Barber family.

Later in his career, Burton Carpenter becomes the manager of the Niagara Mohawk Power Company Rome District. From 1941 where he serves until he transferring to the Utica office in 1945.

Four years following this trip, Leoria and Claude have a son they name Burton after his high school friend. Burton Carpenter’s namesake, Burton Barber, also leaves Binghamton for Rome in 1956. They do not live there at the same time, however, Burton Carpenter settles in Syracuse just forty-five minutes away.


  1. Were either or both Burton’s aware of the other’s nearby home?
  2. Did Burton Carpenter attend Burton Barber’s funeral in 1964? He did not sign the condolence book from what I see. Leoria was at the funeral, she would have known him. Claude died in 1954.



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