Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ireland, 1932

Brooklyn to Homer NY

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Barber and family, of New York City, spent last Friday with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ireland. Their daughter, Miss Jeanne Barber, remained with Mr. and Mrs. Ireland for a visit.1

Flora Ireland is Claude’s aunt, his father’s younger sister. She completed one year of college, an amazing feat since her mother died when she was seventeen, and her father was off and on in the Yukon mining for gold.

Flora’s husband, Fred, lost his first wife, most likely during childbirth, and she became at twenty-five the step-mother of ten-year-old Edna. The couple does not have any children of their own. Fred works as a dairy superintendent; Flora is a homemaker. In 1924, they lose Edna to tuberculosis, another death possibly connected to dairy farming.

Jeanne at eight is delighted to spend time with her great-aunt in the country out of the apartments in Brooklyn with several younger children under foot. At 28 Warren Street in Homer, New York, she has all the attention.

Auntie Flo and Uncle Fred. So many years later I would visit them, too. I remember only that Flo is exceptionally kind.


  • Was Flora the first Barber woman to attend college?
  • Mom indicated Jeanne lived with them at some point. Was it just summers or did she stay longer and go to school in Homer?
  • Did Carolyn live with them while she attended Cortland Teacher’s College?
  • Where is Flora’s older sister Francis?


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