Leoria Visit with Flora Ireland, 1933

28 Warren Street Homer NY
28 Warren Street built 1885


Claude Barber and family of Brooklyn spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ireland on Warren street. Mrs. Claude Barber, who has been spending the past two weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Ireland has returned to her home with her husband and family.

Leoria and Claude have five children under the age of nine which she leaves them in Brooklyn for a two-week stay in Homer, New York with the Ireland couple. In the past two years, she lost an almost two-year-old daughter and her grandmother/mother who adopted and raised her and was most recently living with the family. Tough times for a young woman of twenty-nine.




  1. Did Leoria visit to escape the children? Or did she go to Homer to help Flora?
  2. The above house is 28 Warren in 2017. Have the houses been renumbered since 1933?


  1. Realtor.com photo
  2. The Homer Post; Homer, N.Y.; Friday, May 19, 1933;Page Two.

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