Methodist Mothers and Daughters, Jeanne, 1933

Homer Methodist Church
Methodist Church, Homer, New York. I believe this is the same church Jeanne attended.

Miss Pearl Palmer speaks about her service as a teacher in India to twenty-eight members of the Girls’ Missionary Society of the Methodist Church and their mothers or “honorary members”. I imagine Flora Ireland is the latter. “Jean” Barber performs a song in a quartet including Patty Briggs, Georgia Bell, Geraldine Rood and herself.

The color scheme for the banquet is pink and green and includes a darling craft project. The wooden ice cream spoons are dressed and painted to look like ladies using the theme colors and include unique faces and clothing on each one.

Other girls mentioned are:

  • Lucille Farnham
  • Helen Spencer
  • Marybelle Bartlett
  • Doris Rumsey


  1. Cortland Standard; Cortland, Ny.Y.; Wednesday Evening, September 27, 1933. 
  2. Google maps photo, June 2017.


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