Jeanne 10th Birthday Party, 1934

water works park homer
(Newton) Water Works Park, 2017, Google Maps

Fred and Flora Ireland lost their daughter fifteen years earlier. They extend the same love they would to their own to Jeanne for a few years. Jeanne’s 10th birthday is celebrated with a hot dog roast at Water Works Park in Homer where it is reported: all “had a glorious time”!

Her friends that join the party:

  • Olive Burns
  • Jean Atkins
  • Marjorie Blanden
  • Lois Steele
  • Johann Creal
  • Jean Van Me???
  • Doris Rumsey
  • Claire Rumsey
  • Joyce Carl
  • Darlene Klock
  • Virginia Ripley
  • Edith Harris
  • Georgia¬†Bell
  • Ione Lottridge


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