Flora Couple Party at the Bainbridge Park Hotel, 1905

BB Park Hotel.jpg

Sixteen couples, including Flora Barber, take the seven-mile train ride to Bainbridge from Afton on a cold January Thursday. Although many sleighing parties have the same destination, this evening there is a concern the ice flow around a half completed bridge could be dangerous.

Just two months earlier, C. P. Buskirke of Oneonta purchased the property (for $25,000) and proceeded to make renovations. The party is excited to be among the first to enjoy the refurbished dining area. After dinner, they dance and play games in the spacious third-floor ballroom.

Flora lives with her sister, Frances, and brother-in-law, Lewis Fredenberg, in Afton where she teaches school. After completing a year of college, the twenty-three-year-old started her first school job there. Who is her beau for the evening?

Others attending:

  • George L. Church and wife
  • Wayland A. Hinman and wife
  • Roscoe Falls and wife
  • A. R. Williams and wife
  • A. L. Sherman (editor) and wife
  • Lewis H. Graw and wife
  • Bert Doolittle and wife
  • A.W. Collar and wife
  • Frank Lewis
  • Howard LeSuer
  • Jack Humiston
  • Clinton Grow
  • Gerald Shaw
  • Rowland G. Hill
  • Howard Hyde
  • Mrs. T.E. Keator
  • Mrs. T.D. Reed
  • Flora Barber
  • Ina Guy
  • Bertha Caswell
  • Hazel Peek
  • Bessie Burgess
  • Bruce Kestor
  • Chester Sackett
  • Julia L. Reed
  • Jennie Elmendorf

The latter four “drove” to Bainbridge. Did they risk a sleigh ride or an automobile on icy roads?

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